Clash Royale Balance Update Coming In March, CR Team Has More News

Here’s our 1st March Clash Royale update!

Were you wondering what the team from Clash Royale has been up to while Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars kept getting new tweaks or new characters? They most definitely worked out a long plan for the incoming update and the new client update at the beginning of April.

Let’s check out their announcement which you can read in detail on Reddit.

New Game Mode, 2v2 Trophies, New Card and Mode Ideas

In their announcement from a few hours ago, the Clash Royale (CR) team informed players of what they have been working on or thinking about in the recent weeks. They have also said that their team grew bigger, and this means there are new ideas about new cards and game modes. Here are some snippets from the announcement:

– The length of a Season / should they be themed / how much story can CR hold

– A new game mode: “Mega Deck”

– Should 2v2 have Trophies?

– What does “casual” look like for CR and should it always be 2v2?

Seth also posted a day ago a very long design post about 3M and Mortar balance which you can check here. They’re also thinking of adding a new troop that gets a pull or hook mechanic just like Gene’s Super from Brawl Stars:

Side note: We were playing around with a pull/hook type of character back in late 2017! This troop also had a trap that you may have seen… However, in the end this troop became the Hunter and we dropped the hook + trap mechanics from him. Buuut, now we’re talking again about the hook!

The team didn’t forget to tell players that all mentioned above is a mix of things that are only ideas and stuff they’re “working on/playtesting” – so players shouldn’t expect to see them all at once in the game, “but we’d like to let you in on a bit more of what we go through in any given week nonetheless! Just please don’t hold us to all of the above…”

The next balance update will come on March 4th, added the CR Team.

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