vShare: Is This Really What I Need?

If you have an Android device, you probably get all of your apps from the Google Play Store. If you have an Apple device, you go to the App Store. For your windows device, you go to the Microsoft Store. These three are amazing, but what if we told you there is also another place for you to get your apps? It’s called vShare.

The first three mentioned above are the official ones, so what is vShare? It’s a marketplace where you can download cracked apps. There are some apps that are too restrictive or too expensive or have expensive in-app purchases, and not everyone can afford them. Many users have found new ways to get cracked apps, but vShare is a single platform that has everything you need.

It works for many operating systems

vShare is compatible with both iOS and Android. You just need to download the installation file to get it. However, for iOS, it might be a bit tricky since Apple is very restrictive with these kinds of things. What you need to do, is to go to Settings, find Apps, then click on Trust this app. It’s crucial you do this if you want it to work on your device.

If you’re on Android, things are simpler; you just need to make sure you’ve allowed your phone to install things from external sources. Go to Settings and enable Unknown Sources. If you have a version of Android 8 or above, this is not a step to take – you won’t have to go to Settings, but only agree to the prompts.

You don’t need to jailbreak your phone

In the past, to get something like vShare, you had to jailbreak your device. Not anymore – vShare has gotten rid of all of these steps, you just have to install it. However, you might have to go through those extra steps mentioned above.


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