Brawl Stars: Big Brawler – How Can I Play This Mode?

We’ve all seen how Brawl Stars has a lot of different modes to play, but you won’t get to unlock all of them as soon as you start playing. There’s one mode that will turn you or another player into a boss and will force you to fight with each other. We’ve written this article to show you how to put your hands on the big brawler in Brawl Stars, and then how to play it.

What happens in this new Brawl Stars mode?

The mode is called Big Game, and we can see from the title that there will be a big brawler. A group of 5 players will have to deal with a Boss, which is the bigger version of their brawler. Those five players have to work together in order to defeat the boss as soon as possible, or, of course, vice-versa – it depends on which side you are.

However, it’s not worth that much, since you can’t choose to play as the big brawler. The game is designed to automatically assign one of the six players as the boss at one point – there’s nothing you can do. But you will get to play the boss at one point, so don’t worry about that.

How can I get to play Big Game mode in Brawl Stars?

This mode is one of many that could be unlocked in the game, but new Brawl Stars players cannot put their hands on it just yet. They have to collect 350 Trophies, and they have to do that by playing and winning some matches in the game.

Also, this new Brawl Stars mode is only available during the weekends, and you need an Event Ticket for it. You can get them from in-game events – you’ll get 2 when a special event starts. You could also get them as a reward from the  Trophy Road, or you could buy them from the shop from the game, of course, when they’re available.

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