Fortnite Season 8 Might Feature A Pirate Theme

The implementation of a Battle Royale mode which is free to play made Fortnite a hit among many players from all over the world. The exciting mixture between Battle Royale action and the strategic building is easy to learn but hard to master, attracting a high amount of players. And more are just about to come as Fortnite Season 8 might feature a pirate theme with a new pirate skin and pirate ship, plus a lot of other elements for the players to uncover, including a lost treasure.

Fortnite began its life as an innovative co-op survival game which brought a few exciting additions to the recipe. The game was well-received, but it failed to gather a strong fan base. When PUBG brought the Battle Royale (BR) in the limelight, Epic seized the opportunity and cobbled together the BR mode for Fortnite in less than two months.

The BR mode transformed the game into a juggernaut as gamers scrambled to download and play the game. Epic Games has proven its dedication since day one, releasing constant updates that make the game work better and add new content which keeps it fresh and exciting to play.

Each season brought interesting twists that changed the game world and made the map different in one way or another. Epic surprised the players when a comet smashed in an unpopular area of the map and changed it in a manner which can be integrated into the lore of the game. Special events also reach Fortnite from time to time, such as the monster invasion during last Halloween and the winter-themed map during the holiday season.

Fortnite Season 8 might come out with a pirate theme

In just a few days Fortnite Season 8 will start, and Epic Games is already teasing the event. A post from the official Twitter account of the company reveals a picture which seems to contain several hints. The shape of a pirate hook is visible in the image, hinting that a pirate theme will dominate the season.

The picture is accompanied by a short stanza which mentions the famous pirate line “X marks the spot” and the chance to unearth the lost treasure. The new pirate theme in Fortnite Season 8 sounds quite exciting, and many players are looking forward to the releases of the new season.

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