Nintendo Switch Players: Get This 1TB Micro SD Card For an Eye-Watering Price Tag

If you are preparing to add more games to your collection, like the Final Fantasy VII that will come in nearly a month, then you need some more storage space. For example, FFVII needs almost 4 GB of space for installation. So who does not want bigger storage space for their Nintendo Switch?

Micron and SanDisk 1TB Micro SD Cards for the Switch

Micron and SanDisk have just unveiled their 1TB Micro SD cards. Micron is said to go on sale in Q2, says The Inquirer. But the SanDisk is not saying anything about a sale – only that their expensive card is available for pre-order!

However, the two micro SD cards do bring more than the actual storage space to the table. The SanDisk card can get to 160 MB per second read speed, while Micron only reads at 100 MB per second. However, Micron has a maximum write performance, beating SanDisk, making the two equal when it comes to choosing one.

Having one TB of storage compared to the 32 GB internal storage is an upgrade, but for what kind of price? Here’s where everyone was shocked.

We get it, we all want more storage space, we need it, but who is even considering paying for a microSD card which is far more expensive than the Nintendo Switch itself?

For a Nintendo Switch, you pay $299, while a 1TB SanDisk card which will be released this April, will be priced at a whopping amount of $449.99. So, we’re all wondering if the 1TB card is worth more than the console, and the answer is not really. But still…

You can still choose a SanDisk Micro SD card for well under $80 which only comes with 400GB storage space – and even if you’re buying three of them, you still spend less than $499! However, if Game Pass comes to Switch, we’ll need that 1TB to keep all the games in one place! But there are many other affordable options out there. Or you could wait for this one to go on sale.

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