The Sims Mobile for Android Launched With New Content

If you are a creative person, The Sims can help you discover part of you that you were not familiar with because you will need to customize your Sims’ unique personalities and distinct appearances, having fun with hairstyles and fashion and choosing their traits. The Sims Mobile, as the name implies, is the mobile game of the popular franchise. Now, The Sims Mobile for Android came out with new content.

You can build your Sims the home of their dreams, designing and decorating it the way you think they would enjoy it the most. You will be as happy as they are when they find a new hobby, they accomplish a career goal, make a new buddy, or even meet their love. You can socialize around town, make friends and party with them, and also attend special events.

The Sims Mobile gives you the same gaming experience of the series on your handheld device

You can change how your Sims look precisely the way you want by changing their accessories, hairstyles, makeup, outfits, and appearances. There are endless possibilities for you to choose from and you can even put together their perfect wardrobe. Each sim needs their own personality traits; in this case, the more your Sims gains life experience the more characteristics they will have.

If you want your Sims to experience the beauty of life, they will need a home. It is not hard to make it happen because you have a lot of designs and layouts to choose from including decorations, furniture, themed collections, and appliances.

What is new in The Sims Mobile for Android?

Thanks to the new update you will now be able to experience, along with your Sim, enhanced styling and shopping experiences as loads of fresh items and fashion brands have been introduced.

You can also choose the Stylist career for your Sim if you think they are talented enough. If you want you can even change the looks of Sims you find around town, as well as toddlers and kids.

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