Angry Birds 2 2.26.1 Is Now Available To Download With A New Event And More Rewards

Angry Birds is still one of the most popular mobile games out there. Angry Birds 2, the sequel, is also one gaining popularity as it comes with additional content, game modes, and more in comparison with the original Angry Birds. Now, Angry Birds 2 2.26.1 is now available to download with a new event and more rewards.

In Angry Birds 2, you’ll have a multitude of birds from where to choose. You can defeat the pigs with strategy by choosing which bird deserved to be in the slingshot. There will be levels with multiple stages, but they are challenging and fun. Also, Angry Birds 2 comes with daily challenges, so if you want to earn some quick rewards, you need to log in every day and complete your daily in-game tasks.

Another novelty in Angry Birds 2 is the possibility to join clans and team up with friends against the evil pigs, while you can also find another player to compete with in Arena.

Angry Birds 2 2.26.1 Is Now Available To Download With A New Event And More Rewards

In Angry Birds 2, the piggies are stronger, greener, and worse, while there are hundreds of levels for you to play and more are added regularly along with limited time events. Work hard and win a place on the global leaderboards by proving that you are the best in the world.

Now, Angry Birds 2 2.26.1 is available to download, and it comes with several novelties. The update is bringing in a new event for its fans. The Hatchling will learn to fly using jetpacks. If you want to collect all the apples and nab the highest score from all the players around the world, you will need to pilot your Hatchling carefully through an aerial obstacle course that is not set to be easy.

Besides, Rainbow Rave is also coming soon in Angry Birds 2.26.1. For a limited time instead of feather rewards, you will earn Rainbow feathers. You can use them to lever up the bird you enjoy playing with most.

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