Kingdom Hearts 3: Is the DLC Ever Going to Happen?

The director of the company, who’s named Tetsuya Nomura has recently confirmed that the paid and the free DLC are coming for the game Kingdom Hearts 3, and we could not be more excited.

There will be a paid DLC and a free DLC

Nomura stated in an interview with the Japanese publication Dengeki Online, that the free DLC will come to the game with crucial updates when they are completed, and that the paid DLC will be larger, and put together to meet the light of the day before the end of this year. One of these updates may have a Critical Mode difficulty level.

The paid DLC will be a bit special

When it comes to the paid DLC, it is probably a bit more to the story, because of the potential details of characters, that were not really explored in the main game as they were supposed to. Let us take a clear example: when it comes to Xion’s revival, Nomura stated that it is possible in one of the future DLCs.

Why is the DLC not important for Square Enix?

There is not a sure deal: no specific DLC for this game has been announced, these are only rumors. This is what we would like for DLC, just as we would like to see Marvel, Star Wars, and, why not, Final Fantasy characters. We know that, for Square Enix, DLC might seem like no biggie, because Kingdom Hearts 3 has sold over 5 million copies in its first week. This is why the game became one of the best-selling games from January.

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