PUBG Update Launched With New Vehicles For Vikendi Map, Flare Guns, And More

As Fortnite Season 8 rolled out worldwide, PUBG couldn’t remain behind. Accordingly, the latest PUBG update brings new vehicles for the Vikendi map, flare guns, and more.

The introduction of the new Vikendi map made many PUBG gamers come back to the game. Accordingly, the devs didn’t want to lose momentum and came up with additional content for the favorite map, plus new weapons for all the PUBG maps.

Last week, Bluehole announced on Twitter the addition of another new vehicle to Vikendi map, besides the one revealed a couple of weeks ago. Now, Bluehole added a new car called the Zima and a so-called Snowbike to the test servers. On the other hand, flare guns also reached PUBG on all maps.

Yesterday, the primary PC server maintenance process ended, and the new PUBG update, dubbed as Update #26, rolled out for PUBG on PC. The rest of the platforms should follow shortly.

PUBG Update Launched With New Vehicles For Vikendi Map, Flare Guns, And More

The new PUBG update, as I’ve already mentioned, brings two new vehicles for the Vikendi Map and flare guns to all the maps in the game. Also, the update marked the end of the Survivor Pass: Vikendi and the extension of Survivor Title System Beta Season 2 until March 19th.

As for the new vehicles, the one called Zima replaces UAZs on Vikendi, and it “won’t have perfect control on Vikendi’s snowy plains. However, the 4×4 Zima is much easier to maneuver compared to other vehicles,” as PUBG Team reported in the new PUBG update release notes. On the other hand, the Snowbike replaces motorbikes on Vikendi. Even though Snowbike lacks in durability, it is ideal for high speed as it possesses excellent maneuverability.

As for the flare guns, these weapons are available on every PUBG map, and they spawn in the world as rare items. “When firing the Flare Gun inside the current safe zone, you’ll call in a special care package with lots of loot, or an armored UAZ when fired while outside the current safe zone,” PUBG Team said.

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