Pokemon Sword & Shield. Can Somebody Tell Us What’s with Those Symbols?

We all know what Pokemon Sword and Shield is – it is the 8th generation of Pokemon games, and it was finally revealed. From what we have seen in the trailer, there is a new starter Pokemon, and there is also a new region. We have also seen what Pokemon will look like in Nintendo Switch. However, we have some questions that need to be answered as soon as possible.

Is the place in Pokemon Sword & Shield inspired from England?

In the trailer, at three different moments, we can see some stones that have some symbols written over them. Well, these symbols are different from those in the previous Pokemon puzzles, like those in Gen 2’s Unown and Gen 3’s braille. However, they can just be for decoration. The new region, which is called Galar, could be inspired by England, and these stones might actually be stones from Stonehenge. They are really in the trailer, for numerous times, so it is really hard not to ask a question.

Will this Pokemon be the best in Sword & Shield?

We have also seen in the trailer a large carving in a hillside of a somewhat Pokemon. There is also an indication that this region is inspired by England. And that Pokemon might be legendary. It seems that it breathes fire or smoke, and that it shoots out lightning bolts. There are also some small figures at its feet that are not really happy with their situation.

The trailer also showed the new Gen 8 starter Pokemon, and Sword and Shield have been confirmed: 2019 is the year of the release.

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