Epic Games Gave Us Details About the Upcoming Audio Improvements for Fortnite


The audio designer of Epic Games has stated on Reddit that there’s a new audio update that is to come to Fortnite soon enough. The audio developer from Epic Games, whose name is Seth, have given us some details about an audio update that people have been working on for Fornite for quite some time.

It’s been said that it will come with audio improvements

First of all, we’re talking about the standard AR sound, which means that no one will be overwhelmed by the shooter. They would tighten up the sound, which means that you will still have your ears while playing the game.

The building piece destroys sound is, indeed, louder when you are instigated by the enemy. It will help in ameliorating some situations where a guy destroys a wall behind you, and you didn’t hear it. Also, the footsteps will be blended in the below or above layers, and not abruptly switching between them, as we were used with. It should clear all the confusion, since it will prevent the jarring footstep transition between floors from below or above.

The footstep occlusion will help in those scenarios in which an enemy has his eyes on you, but the footsteps still sound a bit occluded.

Reduce the volume of the S8 palm tree umbrella. This will only affect the open or close layers. But you do not need to worry, because the volume of the steel drum riff is preserved.

It’s been said that improvements are yet to go live in game with a v8.01 update for Fortnite.


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