GTA Online Way Profitable Than Red Dead Online

With the beginning of February, Red Dead Redemption 2 has come with over 23 million copies, and that is a huge deal for Rockstar Games. It’s true, the game has made some money for Rockstar, but Red Dead Online not so much, especially if we are to compare it to GTA Online.

According to some recent reports, the revenue got from Read Dead Online dropped for 14% from month to month, and this decline has happened because of the decrease of the active users.

SuperData has stated that GTA Online still makes five times as much as Red Dead Online, and it’s been a while. Its users are more into the microtransaction economy.

GTA Online that good, or Red Dead Online that bad?

We think it’s somewhere in the middle. GTA Online would come with huge base players, even if it got released years ago. About 100 million copies were released. We just see how each year, GTA V is one of the best games out there, and each month we see how GTA Online’s deal gets bigger and bigger, due to new buyers and its so-long community.

On the other hand, Read Dead Online is struggling a bit. Officially, the game is still in beta, but fans did not think of it this way. It got launched at the end of November, and people didn’t really believe that it will come with new content. There was so little said by Rockstar Games, and some issues were still in the talks.

Rockstar Games has recently released an update that came out to be a turning point for Red Dead Online, but all it did was to make all the players angry.

We believe there is still time to make things work again.



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