Apex Legends Eyes Fortnite’s Popularity As It Reached 50 Million Players

During its first week, Apex Legends enjoyed a breakneck pace of growth, but unfortunately, that has not been kept all the way to today. However, the game’s climbing rate is steady. EA and Respawn have confirmed that more than 50 million players worldwide have played the new Battle Royale title after just over a month since it was released.

The number of simultaneous players has not been revealed though by the company, but during its first weekend, about 3 million people accessed the game at the same time.

The game is not perfect because it still has some issues such as cheaters, crashes, and hitbox discrepancies, but all that has not been very annoying since Apex Legends launched, so we should show a little bit of compassion to the producing companies because they are trying their best to make this game the better for us.

Apex Legends Reached 50 Million Players – Can Respawn and EA Keep Momentum?

However, its early success is essential primarily because Respawn still has enough time to add much more content and other updates to make the game more interesting. Over 200 million players accessed Fortnite as of last fall, but it also took advantage of the more time it had to get there. Plus, it has a mobile version.

The tally of Apex is based on gamers that only use three platforms: Xbox One, Windows PCs and PS4. But, that would change soon as Respawn and EA plan to launch an Apex Legends mobile version soon. That would most likely boost the game’s popularity.

You should not be surprised when this question arises. Will Respawn keep this momentum going? To remain successful, Apex does not really need to reach the zeitgeist level of Fortnite’s popularity. However, the pressure to keep it relevant is still there as once the thrill is over, the companies do not want gamers to drift toward other titles. There are many other games with the same theme that might attract players.

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