Apex Legends Melee Attacks Can Be Faster and More Effective With These Tips

Apex Legends fans know that one of the most unpleasant scenarios is the one where players land right next to a different group and don’t find a weapon when they need it. The situation is similar when it comes to Battle Royale, and this can ruin the entire progress and gaming experience. Today we’ll talk about how to make Apex Legends melee attacks faster and more effective than usual.

There are several reasons that can put the gamer into one of the situations mentioned above: the enemy could have gone there first, the building was selected just for ammo and attachments, or maybe the player started to fight without having time to gear up. Regardless of the problem, let’s focus on the solution.

Apex Legends tips to increase melee attacks speed and efficacy

The melee attacks in Apex Legends can improve a player’s chances to win head-to-head fist fights. That is possible every time the attack speed is increased. Also, there are other tricks which can make the difference between survival and elimination.

Every Apex Legends player should know a fundamental rule – ”Respawn.” They can do that every time a weapon is not available in time or if they have to beat their enemies to death. Every movement within a melee attack will determine the correspondent animation to change: it could be an upper-cut if you slide towards another player or a kick if the person is in mid-air, jumping or falling.

The trick is that it takes less time to produce a jump-kick animation, so the player can get extra quicker hits compared to the regular melee attacks in Apex Legends. Another useful tip is that it takes four hits to knock down your opponent if you start the game by using the melee showdown. Last, but not least, using the jump-kick technique instead of just punching will bring victory in a head-to-head fight.

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