GDC 2019: Blizzard, Indie Games, Tabletop and Board Games, Experimental Gameplay Workshop and More

There are so many things we want to say about the incoming Game Developers Conference, and it’s very difficult to focus on just one important presentation!

We’ll get to see Blizzard’s Player Behavior Insights manager Jarrod Doherty talk about how they use AI to fight toxic player behavior.

Microsoft will be there too, showing developers the advantage of cloud computing in creating better games.

Then, there’s VR and AR, a highly discussed topic by different teams.

Big Names, VR/AR, Indie Games and “the World’s First Unique Deck Game” at GDC 2019

The event will begin on 18 March and end on 22 March, featuring speakers from highly popular companies/developers/manufacturers and so on: Sony, Ubisoft, Riot Games, Insomniac Games, Bethesda, Xbox Game Studios, Google, Facebook, Twitch, Bungie, NVIDIA, AMD, HTC VIVE, Amazon, id Software, Zynga, Electronic Arts, and a ton more.

There will also be an Indie Games Summit, an Experimental Gameplay Workshop, and a lot of games revealed at the event.

Today we just saw Conan Unconquered being presented by the team at Petroglyph Games in a video showing a few cut scenes of gameplay. The RTS will also have a co-op mode, and it will be available for preview at GDC.

At the Indie Games Summit, we’re in for some “intriguing” games from creators like the ones behind Spelunky and Samurai Gunn – the list contains over 15 announced titles and others unannounced yet. Some of them are playable at the showcase.

Among them, you will see Graffiti Games, which will bring three new titles – Mable & the Wood, HoverShock, and Trident’s Wake.

In the Experimental Gameplay Workshop, we’ll hear titles like Carto (Sunhead Games), Eloquence (Gerben Grave), Lucifer within Us (Kitfox Games), and more!

We’ll also get to see KeyForge, which Fantasy Flight’s Brad Andres describes as being “the World’s First Unique Deck Game,” and this is only a part of the Board Game Design Day – a session of talks about all things tabletop!

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