Gun Gun Pixies for Nintendo Switch: Help Aliens to Be Normal Creatures

Gun Gun Pixies will come with PQube and Compile Heart on the Nintendo Switch platform. For those of you who are not familiar with this, the game is a third-person shooter, that features anime-style visuals. They even made an announcement trailer for their players to see better what they’re talking about. However, you need to keep in mind that this is not a game for everyone to play.

What’s the story in Gun Gun Pixies?

This Japanese third-person shooter has two tiny girls from the outer space sent to Earth, in order to infiltrate in a women’s college dormitory. Once they get there, the Pixies become regular girls in order to get their mission done: to study the human behavior, so they can help in overcoming the social issues of their people.

Day One Edition in Gun Gun Pixies

If that story did not make you interested, then we’ll surely have you at this: Day One Edition of Gun Gun Pixies will come together with a special Nintendo Switch collector’s box, that has a game and an artbook – one of high quality. There are many concept drawings, the artwork is gorgeous, and all the characters in the alternative outfits are perfect for all the manga and anime lovers out there.

The game was first released on the PS Vita. The story is really full of half-dressed girls that are using the third-person shooting mechanics to sneak around the dormitory without anyone seeing them and then talking to all the girls out there in various ways.

You need to collect some coins, unlock some new weapons, costumes and lingerie.

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