Temple Run: 1.9.6 Update – What’s New: Bugs Fixed

We’ve all heard of Temple Run. We know how things work for this game. Everyone is playing it; everyone aims for the highest score.

You wanted to steal the cursed idol from the temple, so now you need to run from your life in order to escape from the Evil Demon Monkeys that are coming your way.

Why should you choose this game?

The game is really good if you want to test your reflexes when you’re running down an ancient temple, along with some sheer cliffs. You need to swipe right or left to turn, jump and slide in order to avoid obstacles, collect as many coins as you can and even buy power-ups. You can also unlock new characters. If you want to see how far you can run in this game, you need to be very careful.

Temple Run is amazing because it has everything you want, even that tension that almost every good game has. You need to get out of there alive; you’re chased by monkeys. This game is exactly what you need.

The game was voted by TouchArcade Forums as a game of the week and one of the best games of the month. It also has over 50 million players from all around the globe.

In July 2014, a Temple Run fiction series and even a book were made. The series was called Run For Your Life. It’s a choose your own ending kind of series, and fans were pleased with the product. The book contains info about Temple Run, its characters, mazes, and some brain teasers.

What’s new in the Temple Run 1.9.6 update?

The team behind the game made sure that there are no more bugs to ruin the experience of the player.

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