The Sims Mobile Style up Your Sim

Your Sims’ appearance and personality can now show how creative you are. You can dress it as you want, give it the job you want it to have, or make it cry all day. You can then build its perfect home, with your favorite colors and designs, and add all the details that you want. Experience life with your Sim when it accomplishes all the career goals, starting to pursue its hobbies, falling in love with another sim, having kids, having a life of its own. See how wild it parties and how it enjoys its life with its friends, and how it attends social events. Now, you can do that on mobiles using the latest The Sims Mobile

Make your sim unique

You can customize every detail about your sim, from makeup to hairstyle, to outfit and accessories. The possibilities are endless. You can choose its personality traits as well; you can make it musical, or active, or geeky – literally how you want.

Build your dream home

This is what we all do, and there’s no point in denying it. We want to personalize that home as if it were ours, with all the designs and models, the different furniture, decorations. Be careful, you will spend hours doing this, and then you might get bored of playing the actual game.

So what’s new The Sims Mobile

The team behind the game has changed the Create A Sim feature in order to improve the shopping and styling experiences. They have added fashion brands and many items to get. You can now choose the stylist career and keep up with everything that’s on trending.

Now, you can also change the looks of your sim around the town, and kids and toddlers, too, only in The Sims Mobile You will also have more control over your Sim when it ages, and it moves out.

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