Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers Will Receive New Free NES Classic Games This March

Nintendo is trying to push its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service even further, and the company is tempting potential clients with a series of exclusive features. Those that have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership will be able to download and play two favorite NES classic games on their portable consoles.

Titles vary by region, and some customers will be able to download Kid Icarus and StarTropics. A reliable source notes that Japanese customers will be able to download Kid Icarus, but instead of StarTropics, they’ll get Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Fire Emblem.

The Japanese entertainment company introduced Nintendo Switch Online in 2018, and the service was well-received. Launching titles for the NES library included famous names among which we can count Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Donkey Kong. New games are added each month.

Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers Will Receive New Free NES Classic Games This March

The price for a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online is $4 per month or $8 for three months. If you wish to purchase a one-year membership, you will have to pay $20. A family membership package is also available, and up to eight consoles can be registered for $35. New customers are also able to access a free trial which is available for seven days.

When Nintendo announced that users would have to pay for the online service some didn’t receive the news well, with countless forum threads calling Nintendo greedy since the service used to be free for previous consoles. The company noted that the money would be spent on improving the service and the overall experience of the users, an argument which seemed to appease the problem.

Paying the subscription fee will grant users access to the previously mentioned game library, the smartphone app which can be used to communicate with teammates, the ability to back up save files into the cloud, special promotions and access to an online multiplayer mode for most titles. Also, the members would receive free NES classic games each month. This Mars we’ll have Kid Icarus and StarTropics (in Japan, it would be replaced with Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Fire Emblem).

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