Mafia 4 Won’t Come Out Soon, No Matter How Much The Fans Want It

Mafia series has been a very popular franchise in the video game industry. The first Mafia game was groundbreaking, and the fans loved it. The second title, Mafia 2, was also great, while Mafia 3 disappointed many of the series’ fans. Now, it would be the perfect time for Hangar 13 to revive the franchise with Mafia 4. However, Mafia 4 won’t come out soon, and we don’t even know if it would launch ever.

In 2018, some rumors popped up over the Internet. Some people voiced that Mafia 4 is under development, and it would come out soon. But those were only rumors, and they were wrong, as you can see for yourself since no Mafia 4 news from reliable or official sources emerged.

Well, the Mafia series is not a constant one when it comes to releases. The first game, developed by Illusion Softworks, launched in 2002, while Mafia 2 rolled out eight years later, in 2010, and 2K Czech was behind this installment. In 2016, Hangar 13 took over Mafia and launched Mafia 3.

No matter how much the fans ask for it, Mafia 4 won’t come out soon

While the first two titles in Mafia series were great, and the gamers loved them, the third installment, Mafia 3 disappointed some of the fans of the franchise. The critics also agreed with the fans. The highest rate that Mafia 3 received came from IGN which indulgently offered it 7.5 out of 10.

Thus, Hangar 13 is not optimistic about releasing Mafia 4 any time soon. At least not at only three years after the disastrous Mafia 3 game. Most likely, the games studio plans to launch an excellent Mafia 4 to make the fans forget about the disappointing Mafia 3. Therefore, that needs work and Hangar 13 might prefer to take its time on this one and come up with a great installment in the series.

In addition to all that, it seems that Mafia 4 was under works at Hangar 13, but when the studio got the rights to start their own intellectual property (IP), they ditched Mafia 4 development, admitting that the project was getting nowhere and they didn’t know at that time in which direction to go with the story. Accordingly, there is no Mafia 4 in development, as we speak, and Hangar 13 is not going to launch the sequel any time soon. However, some rumors suggested that Mafia 4 would come out between 2021 and 2022, maybe even later, but these are just rumors from unreliable sources.

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