Fortnite Pirate Cannon Challenge: Everything You Need to Know

It’s season 8, and the challenges from Week 2 are happening right now in Fortnite: Battle Royale. We’re talking about a lot here. We get to explore the map, eat apples, and doing the usual elimination or damage challenge that we got to know. There’s one hard challenge on this list that asks you to do 100 damage to your opponents, by using a pirate cannon. Pirate cannons are new items that got added when Season 8 started, and they are a bit difficult, and sometimes useless.

What you have to do in the Pirate Cannon challenge

First, you need to load up Team Rumble. This is the answer you’re looking for when we’re talking about this challenge or any challenge that asks for damage or elimination with some certain weapons. Then, you’ll need a cannon. You can find some attached to vehicles pretty much everywhere on the map, but the best choice is the seven pirate camps. You got to see it in week one challenge.

Each and every one of them represents a building that’s full of cannons – you can either leave them there or take them. You might want to leave them, but if you choose a camp near the center of the map, you will have to wait a bit for opponents to show up. You need to be very careful. You might even need to practice a little. Fire test shots to understand better the arc of the cannonball. It feels more like a grenade, and not a bullet. You can aim if you move up and down with your mouse and side-to-side with your character. If you’re playing it on PC, you’re going to have to use a mix of WASD and the mouse to aim, which might be weird at first, but with time, you’ll get used to it.


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