Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Would Be The Next Major AR Game From Niantic, Pokemon Go Creators

Pokemon Go is at the moment one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. With millions of players and tons of special events to keep the gamers engaged, Pokemon Go is very successful. Now, its creators, Niantic, plan to take one big step forward with another major AR game – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite not only that would be a wholly different experience in comparison with Pokemon Go, but it might turn out to become even more popular than Pokemon Go. According to this report, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would take the AR experience to the next level.

While Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would keep the foundation of Pokemon Go, namely, an open world “seen” through augmented reality, the game would feature some unique characteristics. It would, therefore, come with more sophisticated systems under the hood, and it would also add some novelties that would make players experience feel smoother and more challenging than in Pokemon Go.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic’s next AR game, would become more popular than Pokemon Go

Continuing the comparison between Pokemon Go and the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, I have to note that the latter would be more challenging than the former, combining AR gaming with all sort of mini-games that would help the players complete spells such as those designed for saving famous characters from the Harry Potter franchise, found in difficult situations.

Now, taking into consideration the popularity of the universe created by JK Rowling, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite might itself become very successful. Moreover, it could become even more popular than Pokemon Go, also a Niantic’s AR game. And, just like Pokemon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

While we still don’t have a precise Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date, Niantic teased for a 2019 launch, so we’ll don’t have much to wait to play this new AR game from the developers of Pokemon Go.

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