Fortnite Update: Xbox One and PS4 Cross-Play by Default in Battle Royale

Sony has turned on the cross-play for Fortnite, as an option for the beta version on the PS4 in the last fall. However, the latest patch for this popular game has started to make it default. This means that all Xbox One and PS4 players are grouped the same in Fortnite’s battle royale mode.

Only Creative Mode and Playgrounds for those who don’t opt in

Player will still be able to opt in and agree to play against other players on the other console. However, Epic Games doesn’t really give many choices: those who don’t opt in will have just to be stuck with the Creative Mode and Playgrounds.

The Switch is stuck with Android and iOS

With the grouping of PS4 and Xbox One players, in the same place there’s also Nintendo Switch. Well, at first it was in the same place, now it was placed to the mobile place. This actually means that all the Switch players will be put in games against iOS and Android players – by default. The company said that it had combined these player groups so that they could offer a better experience for every game, for both Switch and Mobile players.

Epic also says that their new groups are here for optimizing purposes, thing that allows the company to run even more playlists during the day, while they still support more data center locations.

There’s also a new thing in the patch, called the “Baller” vehicle, which is a single-seat in the form of a hamster-ball like, that also includes an attached grapple that allows players to enjoy new traversal options when they make their own way across the map.

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