Devil May Cry 5 To Receive A New Playable Character

Devil May Cry 5 was recently released, and fans are eager to learn as much as possible about it. Data miners inspected the Devil May Cry 5 PC files, and they discovered some interesting things. It appears that developers might have some surprises in store for players.

Based on the files of the games it appears that a fourth playable character might join Nero, Dante, and V. If you are ready to get some spoilers, let’s take a look at who that might be.

A new playable character would come in Devil May Cry 5

The PC files of Devil May Cry 5 indicate that Vergil, Dante’s brother, will also become a playable character in the future. If you already completed the story of Devil May Cry 5, it might be difficult to understand how Vergil can become a playable character, since he is supposedly dead.

As you probably remember, Vergil is reborn once V, which is his human form, and Urizen, which is his demon form, merged. There is a big chance that Vergil won’t be a playable character in the story mode, but we might receive him as a character in the Bloody Palace mode. The update will be added for free in April.

The data-mined files were posted on Reddit, and fans went wild. There were also some of them that already expected that. “They spent hours of searching for the right face model, recording stuff with Dan, creating his true devil trigger, developing, creating, expanding his movements in the boss battle, only to leave him as a boss in m19+m20. Vergil is 100% playable in a DLC/update/SE, no way around it,” commented user SkylineOwnZ

Multiplayer mode in Devil May Cry 5 to receive new features

The Bloody Palace mode might come with new features. For instance, several reports indicate that the update will allow full matchmade multiplayer. That is very likely, especially since Devil May Cry 5 already had online missions that allowed players to be paired with other players.

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