Brawl Stars Down For Maintenace – Carl Countdown Begins

Why is not Brawl Stars working right now? If you haven’t been up to date, today there’s a maintenance to add some improvements to the game and also squash some bugs. As soon as the dev team is ready, the maintenance break will end. Now let’s see what’s changing in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Carl Countdown, Bug Fixes & Game Improvements

Taking a look at the Brawl Stars subreddit, you will see a long post about the changes in the game. Here’s a condensed version:

  • General Changes

When your Brawler is pushed by different thinks like explosions dyna-jumps toward bushes, it will not be invisible in mid-flight.

Offer for Night Witch Mortis skin ended.

  • Gene

The team made some visual tweaks to the Brawler: his Magic Hand will fly a little further from him, not right from the top of the character. His Magic Hand will also return slower so we can easily follow it on screen.

  • Siege

Before the first Siege, Bolts will spawn in the middle of the level, after that the spawn location will be random. Before the second Siege begins, bolts will spawn a bit faster.

Five seconds after the Siege bolt dies, new bolts will spawn. IKE attack range will also be increased by 0.67 tiles – which means Brock will have to get closer to shoot at IKE (and take damage).

  • Big Game

The Health of pets was decreased in this game mode, affecting Pam, Penny, Jessie, Nita, and Tara – their pets were too OP for the game mode.

Carl Enthusiasts, Beware!

As for the ones waiting for Carl, here’s what Dani at Supercell wrote on Reddit:

“You might be wondering “Why don’t Supercell just tell us the date? The suspense is killing me!”

And I get it. I wanna play with that mad miner as much as you do! But there are mainly two reasons for that.”

He explains that first – they like the teasing, and second – it’s easier not to say an exact date and only say “next week.” That’s because in case a new Brawler release doesn’t go as planned, they can fix it, and make it work in a matter of days, without the need to explain why the Brawler was not released on X day. It makes sense, and it’s a fair explanation. Nobody wants another Gene crashing the game, right?

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