Opera Browser vs. Opera Mini: Which One Is Better

We’ve all heard of Opera and Opera Mini. Opera Mini was first designed for the Java ME platform, in 2005. Then it got released for every platform. Many people use it today on iOS and Android.

This means that, for most of the time, users don’t really know which one is better for them. We’re here to give you that answer.

How much space do they consume?

Of course, Opera Mini consumes less than the Opera Browser. The Opera Browser consumes about 94MB, and Opera Mini about 44MB. This also means that we’re dealing with a smaller footprint.

The design of the Opera Mini and Opera Browser

We’ve seen that Opera Mini launches faster than the Opera Browser, but there’s a teeny tiny difference. There are some bookmarks under the address bar, but the design is made so that it could appear for both the browser and its mini version.

They both have shortcuts for search, a back button, and tab-switch, all on the bottom of the screen. For Opera Mini, the logo is red, while for the Browser, the logo is grayed out. If you click the logo, you’ll get details on data saved and settings.

How much data do they save?

The browser does not come with the data saver on by default. You need to do that by yourself, from the Settings. After you do that, the Browser will use the same compression technology that Opera Mini uses.

If you tap on the arrow, you’ll see the data saved percentage of the entire week. You can even control the image load quality, and decide if you want to block the ads or not.

If your internet connectivity is not constant, then you might want to go for Extreme, and not the Automatic option. This will help you in reducing the data consumption.


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