Bethesda Might Reveal Starfield At E3 2019

For its fifth annual event, on 9th of June, Bethesda is heading to E3 2019, and the company announced its participation in the show through a GIF. This GIF, however, might actually have a teaser for Starfield hiding in plain sight.

The hint is some twinkling stars right there in your eyes. The field of stars sparkling forms a #BE3 hashtag and it is looked at my fans and a crowd of Bethesda characters.

That could be a sign that the company might talk about the Starfield game during their event at E3 2019, but that can’t be told for sure just from a GIF that might have actually not given any hint, as everything could be a coincidence.

Bethesda could give more details on Starfield at E3 2019

As we mentioned above, it could only be a coincidence the stars – Starfield connection we think that was a teaser, but Bethesda would act weirdly doing this. Everybody is waiting to get some information regarding the Starfield game after it has been announced at Bethesda’s E3 2018 panel.

If you take a look at its teaser trailer you will see an unearthly world with a star emerging around its horizon then a ship or satellite seemingly entering hyperspace (or however the scientists call this phenomenon), while the video ending with a logo. Long story short, Bethesda has a lot more details to reveal about this awaited creation of theirs, especially if we take into consideration the fact that it will be released before Elder Scrolls 6.

With that being said, to officially confirm something, Bethesda announced that “an in-depth look at Doom Eternal” will be happening during the show. As E3 2019 is getting closer and closer day by day, the company can’t keep its silence so that it will sneak out a few more confirmations of future games.

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