Google’s Game Streaming Platform Leaked Before The Official Announcement Set For Today

Google would reveal today how it sees the future of gaming and how it plans to bring high-quality modern games to any device able to run Google Chrome and which has a stable WiFi, broadband, or mobile data Internet connection. While we already know some-some about Google’s game streaming platform, known as Project Stream at the moment, many are still to be uncovered.

Google plans to reveal its game streaming platform today at GDC 2019. However, additional details about Google’s game streaming platform leaked over the Internet recently, before the official announcement Google scheduled for later today.

As several tech news portals revealed, Google’s panel at the GDC 2019 would focus on the company’s game streaming platform, currently known as Project Stream. The goal of Google would be to allow every person in the world to play modern games directly in their Google Chrome browsers, regardless of the specs of their computers.

Details on Google’s game streaming platform leaked

It seems that the game streaming platform of Google will also come with a Google gaming controller which would allow players to experience playing video games via Project Stream at maximum.

Also, Google’s game streaming platform would come with some smart features. “You’re watching your favorite Twitch streamer play a game, and you think it looks cool, so you buy it, and then, if the developers of the game have toggled this feature, you can download a save file that starts you off right where your streamer was playing. Or maybe it’s a multiplayer game, and you can buy the game and immediately jump into a match with the streamer if the developers allow it and the streamer is down.”

Another significant feature would be the one regarding YouTube integration. So, you’ll be able to buy a video game for Project Stream platform directly from a YouTube ad. Also, the platform would direct you to the correct walkthrough on YouTube for a specific, depending on where you are in that game.

It’s unknown at the moment how much would cost the access to Google’s game streaming platform, but as far as we know, it would be worth thinking that it would give us access to future Google’s own titles, besides those from other devs.

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