Fix iPhone Overheating Issues With These Easy Methods

Yesterday, we showed you how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus slow charging issue, and, now, it’s time to deal with an iPhone problem. More specifically, we’ll present you some easy methods to fix iPhone overheating issues, an annoying problem for every iPhone user.

It is likely that many of us encountered this issue at some pointed. You were using your iPhone to perform a random task, and the device became too hot to handle. Besides the inconvenience, the phenomenon is quite dangerous since the heat can damage your equipment in the long run.

First, you should determine the causes that lead to iPhone overheating issues. There could be several factors which force the device to overheat, but, in most cases, the battery is too old, and the smartphone is no longer able to tackle resource-hungry tasks like video games without warming up.

Below you can find a few fixes which should help you to keep the device cool.

Fix iPhone Overheating Issues With These Easy Methods

Take preventive measure

Don’t place your device in places which can get hot, like the dashboard of a car or a metal table which is set under the sun. When the weather is too hot, you should use the device while sitting in shades.

Don’t use the device while it is charging

Using your iPhone while it is connected to power outlet will lead to accelerated degradation of the battery. If you connect your device to the charger and the smartphone becomes hot, you might want to change the battery or the power brick to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

Restart your iPhone

Yes, this solution is usually used as a joke among many PC users, but it can be quite useful in some situations. If you’re facing iPhone overheating issues, shut down the device by pressing the power button until the red slider appears. Turn off the smartphone and wait for at least 5 minutes. Power on the device and see if anything changed.

A faulty case

While some third-party accessories look very nice, the materials used in the manufacturing process could be of low quality when it comes to heat dissipation. Try to remove the case and see if the device cools down.

Visit an Apple Care or Apple Partner location

If the iPhone overheating issues are still present after trying all the steps presented above, it is advisable to visit an official Apple Care or Apple Partner location. Professionals will be able to identify the problem and propose a convenient solution.

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