Brawl Stars News: Carl Is Now Here, Start Opening Boxes!

The moment we have all been waiting for is now here: Carl has left the mines and joins the fights!

The Brawl Stars team shared the great news a couple of hours ago on Twitter, presenting some back story to the character in a short video. Let’s see its abilities in the patch notes from the Brawl Stars blog below.

This cute pickaxe wielding Brawler is like Thor, but without the looks and with a pickaxe instead of a hammer!

Main attack: Pickaxe

  •         Carl has only one ammo slot which is instantly recharged after his Pickaxe returns
  •         Pickaxe returns to Carl after reaching max distance or after hitting a wall
  •         Pickaxe pierces through enemies
  •         Kicking the ball in Brawl Ball does not consume ammo with Carl

Super attack: Tailspin

  •         Carl increases his speed and starts to whirl his Pickaxe in a 360 degree radius damaging everyone around him

Star Power: Power Throw

  •         Pickaxe flight speed is increased allowing it to travel and return faster

As you can see, Carl’s stats are 4420 Health, 640 Damage per hit and 400 Super damage per swing.

Will Carl be great in Gem Grab because of his cart, considering it can carry a huge rock? Nonetheless, this Super Rare Brawler should be easier to find from boxes than Mythical ones – the drop rate for Super Rares is 1.2.

So, what are you waiting for? Start opening boxes and get ready to have some fun with this new Brawler. We’ll be right back with some guides and tips for this new Brawler. In the meantime, you can check other guides here.

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