Fortnite 8.11 Comes With New Content, Weapons, And Other Changes

Fortnite players can never get bored, as the game receives new content regularly. A new Fortnite update became available this week, and it took the game to Fortnite 8.11 version. The latest update comes with a couple of improvements, as well as some new additions. Let’s see what this version has to offer.

Fortnite 8.11 to bring pirate pistols

For those who prefer the Battle Royale mode, Fortnite has a new weapon. The Flint-Knockc Pistol is now available. The new gun will knock you back, so you need to be careful when you use it. You can crouch while using the weapon so that it won’t knock you back.

The new pistol can do up to 90 damage per close-range shot, but it isn’t that useful when there is a long distance shot. You will also need to reload the weapon for three seconds after every shot. Heavy ammo is used for this weapon, which doesn’t come as a surprise.

Other changes in Fortnite 8.11

Fortnite also added a new island, the Black Glass Island, which is available for creative mode players. In Battle Royale mode, you will even notice that the spawn rate of ballers was cut to half, and the impulse grenade was removed from the vault and it is back in the game once again.

Finally, the new Fortnite 8.11 update comes with a brand new hero. His name is Battle Hound Jonesy, and he is available for Save the World players. His advantage is that he can carry extra grenades, which can come in handy. There is also a new weapon that matches Battle Hound Jonesy. The new weapon is a huge medieval spear and it is named Sir Lancelot.

The Fortnite 8.11 update also comes with a couple of minor tweaks and enhancements that should improve the game.

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