GTA 5 Cheat Codes On Different Devices

The easiest way to get straight to the fun in the GTA series was with the cheat codes. GTA 5 is not an exception, so we will give you some information about them, how to use it and for what.

In GTA 5 you have a few new ways to input cheats. In the old fashion controller button-mashing codes; on consoles through controller codes or using a cell phone in the game, and dial a number that activates the cheat code.  On PC mode you use words spelled out by a phone number, for example, 1-999-LAWYERUP.

How to activate GTA 5 cheats on different devices?

If you have a PS4 or PS3 press UP to bring the cell phone and dial the number of the code, on Xbox One and Xbox 360 you do precisely the same.

On the PC the instructions from above are available, or you can press the key 1 from your keyboard.

On GTA 5 you have only one cheat for weapons, no cheat money, and a few vehicles you can get.  Also, remember that you can’t unlock achievements and trophies when you activate a cheat code. The only thing you will receive will be a Bronze rating. Bear in mind that you can use the cheats only offline, in the online version they are disabled.

For PS4 and PS3 cheats in GTA 5, you can use the cell phone numbers. Some examples of cheat codes are: Max Health and Armour –  it gives you full body armor and health –  1-999-887-853; Invincibility – Blocks all damage – 1-999-724-6545537; Recharge Special Ability -gives you a full bar of energy for your character’s ability – 1-999-769-3787; Give Weapons and Ammo – gives you a Sawn-Off Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, SMG, Pistol, Grenades, RPG and Knife – 1-999-866-587; and so many more.

However, Xbox One and Xbox 360 cheat codes work the same as they do on the PlayStation.

Cheats on Pc works from a controller or using the game cell phone. You can use any controller.

Finally, one of the most famous cheat code is the Helicopter. It’s only one helicopter you can demand with a cheat code, and it’s the Buzzard Attack Chopper. A versatile vehicle, equipped with four seats, mounted weapons and good mobility.

PS4 / PS3 – phone number 1-999-289-9633; Xbox One / Xbox 360 – 1-999-289-9633; PC – 1-999-289-9633.

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