Clash Royale April Update Goes Live on April 1st

Today, the Clash Royale team has announced on their official blog the incoming update that will go live on April 1st. It’s no April Fools joke! The balance will include tweaks to a few cards, wrote the blog post in their patch notes:

  • Witch: Spawns 3 Skeletons when destroyed
  • Flying Machine: Hit Speed reduced 1.0sec -> 1.1sec
  • Ram Rider: Snare Movement Reduction reduced 100% -> 85%
  • Giant Skeleton: First Attack faster 0.5sec -> 0.3sec, Mass increased 15 -> 18 (harder to move/push)
  • Bandit: Hitpoints -4%
  • Goblin Hut: Spawn Speed increased 4.75sec -> 4.5sec

In an in-depth Reddit post, the Clash Royale team explained why they had to do these changes. Let’s check them out below.

Clash Royale April 1st Balance Update

The new buff to the Witch was to balance the under-performing one as it goes down.

The Flying Machine began growing up, over 60% in win rate since the last balance update when the Fireball Bait deck got buffed through the Barbarian buff. The team has adjusted the hit speed of the Flying Machine to make it “more in-line with other cards in that deck.”

Ram Rider’s Bola usually appeared to players more like a stun or a bug instead of doing what it actually was supposed to do – to slow enemy troops, not stop them.

Giant Skeleton is getting the buff to make it possible to reach the Tower. It will also get buffed in Mass so that he can hold his ground against Giants, who also have the Mass 18.

Bandit’s hitpoints got smaller, considering she only cost 3 and was better than other melee cards.

Goblin Hut gets buffed so that players can turn to this card when countering Lava Hound decks or tanky decks that focus on pushing.

Remember, the changes will go live on April 1st! Until then, tell us in the comments below your thoughts about this update.

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