Minecraft Update Removes “Notch” Mentions From The Game’s Splash Screen

A new Minecraft update shakes up a few things. The most notable change is represented by the fact that all the “Notch” mentions were removed from the game’s splash screen. Markus ‘’Notch’’ Persson is the man who developed the game before Microsoft bought it.

In previous versions of the game, some messages written in yellow text mentioned the name in sentences like ‘’The Work of Notch!’’ and ‘’Made by Notch!’’. These messages do not appear in the latest build, a detail which was spotted by dedicated fans of the game. While the changes weren’t mentioned in the patch notes the reason is quite apparent.

In recent years, Notch has become a vocal infamous for his tweets, which attack feminists and LGBTQ people. In one of the latest incidents, Notch encouraged people to ‘’punch a commie’’. Upon receiving several responses which condemned the tweet Notch shared another tweeted which noted that his followers shouldn’t hit anyone. In other instances Notch posted highly controversial tweets, debating the definition of gender.

Minecraft update eliminates Notch mentions

Notch sold Mojang and the Minecraft IP to Microsoft in 2014, for the handsome sum of $2.5 million. After the transaction was completed Notch said that he chose to sell because he didn’t want to own a company which worked on such a high-profile game. While he attempted to work on other titles after Minecraft was published in 2009 none of them reached the same popularity. He hasn’t worked on the game after he sold it.

The latest update for the JAVA version of the game adds a variety of features, among which we can count a new status effect called ‘’Hero of the Village’’ and an accessibility button which can be found directly on the title screen.

Some bugs were also fixed, including performance issues which affected the multiplayer mode. Those who wish to test the latest snapshot can do so by opening the Minecraft launcher and enabling snapshots. The feature can be found in the launch options tab.

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