A New Zelda Game Is Right Now in Works. Is This the Sequel to Breath of the Wild?

We’ve all heard of the Xenosaga and Xenoblade series from Monolith Soft. The most recent one is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, made for Switch. However, the studio had time to also work on the multiple Zelda games. According to some pieces of news, a major Zelda game is going to make its appearance, which will be a follow-up to the Breath of the Wild game.

It is all about that job listing

There is a job listing out there that includes many common game designs, like technical effect artist, rigging artist, or character modeler. There are also some senior positions, like the project manager. Also, there are more specific openings, like map planner, or map modeler. All of these are roles that you will see in the credits of a new Zelda game.

According to the history of Monolith Soft, the Zelda series suggest a title that could go more towards the Breath of the Wild’s design philosophy.

Monolith was a big part of the creation of the game

The studio has worked on Breath of the Wild and Skyward Sword and, in 2017, Eiji Aonuma (producer of Nintendo) has made some statements. According to him, Monolith was a big part of the art of Skyward Sword. However, the studio was the one that shaped the Breath of the Wild.  Monolith has also worked on other Nintendo games in the past, so it was very easy to pick it to support a new Zelda game.

In order to make Breath of the Wild, they have been assisted by lots of level designers that made the most out of large game areas to make topographic arrangements, as said by Aonuma about Monolith.

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