Fortnite Creative Mode To Get “Mini Battle Royale” Feature Soon

Fortnite Creative Mode has been first introduced at the beginning of Season 7, and when players access it, they can use it as a way to express their imagination and creativity in the form of structures, maps, and other in-game designs. Players in Fortnite Creative have created a collection of new possible points of interest and maps. The Block also included some of the top picks. Now, Epic Games might add the ability to design “mini Battle Royale” to Fortnite’s Creative Mode.

However, it has been revealed by Epic Games that they want to bring Fortnite Creative to another level. That could happen if they add the ability to create “mini Battle Royale” games on Creative Island.

The goal of the games studio has been announced in a post on Reddit, and it is to introduce “mini Battle Royale games’ on the island, with the bus, configurable storms, and so on. If you want to take a look at the full post, you can do so below.

Mini Battle Royale games would come to Fornite soon

The regalflury Redditor asked if there will ever be simulated storm circles so players can practice end-game situations. To that, darkveil responded “Yes! That is planned but is technically a bit difficult which is why we haven’t been able to introduce it. But our goal is for you to be able to run “mini Battle Royale” games on your island, with configurable storms, bus, etc. The reason it’s tricky is because of how Creative allows for many games to run at the same time on the same server. We’ll figure it out though!”

Fortnite players would be allowed by such a system to simulate some in-game situations such as better preparation for upcoming tournaments and events.

When the “mini Battle Royale” feature will be available in Fortnite is still unknown at the time of writing. Hopefully, this will happen, and the players will have a better experience.

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