Clash of Clans April Update Delayed One Day – Not April Fools!

“Why can’t we see the new stuff introduced by today’s update,” you may wonder. That’s because the update that was meant to be released today had to be delayed until April 2.

The April update is supposed not only to introduce balance changes, but also a new feature called Seasonal Challenges, which will be similar to the Fortnite Battle Pass.

Clash of Clans will also get some tweaks in terms of performance and stability, writes Billionaire365. Among many other changes, you will also see that many troop training and spell brewing costs will be reduced, and the upgrade times are also reduced.

If you thought this could be April Fools, we saw Darian specifically replying that it’s not a joke. Here’s the entire message on the CoC forum:

The April Update Delayed

However, to apologize to the players for not releasing the update on tine, Supercell has added a Town Hall Wrecking event. Players must destroy five Town Halls to gain a Book of Heroes, which is a great compensation! Go get the Book while the event is still live!

Season Challenges and its Features

If you’ve got nothing else to do in Clash of Clans until the incoming update, you could check out what the season challenges will bring tomorrow. Here are a few facts about them.

  • season challenges are like Clan Games, but they’re completed individually.
  • you don’t need to pick a challenge. Play the game and the challenges will be completed as you progress in the game.
  • season bank will keep all the resources you win after looting from an enemy base, and as you complete the tasks.
  • the ultimate season reward is a hero skin – the first one is the Gladiator King.
  • all heroes are 3D to support the skins.
  • buildings, troops and defenses get new levels (Archer Tower level 17, Cannon level 17, Witch level 5, Hog Rider level 9, Ice Golem level 5).

Check back here for more news to learn when the April update goes live.

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