Fortnite Could Become More Than A Battle Royale Game, At Least That’s What Epic Games Wants

While Apex Legends attempted to steal the limelight, Fortnite has remained the most famous Battle Royale game. The juggernaut has a strong player base and Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, has big plans for the title. More than 100 million players tried the game’s successful Creative Mode, which allows players to collaborate and build impressive virtual landmarks.

Epic plans to enhance the mode by making it similar to the Unreal Engine, the popular video games platform which powers thousands of titles (across four generations). The company looks forward to the creation of a fully-fledged social world.

The vision is to help Fortnite transcend its status as a video game. New and exciting features will help it to break the mold and reach new milestones which are still untouched.

Epic games to turn Fortnite in something more than just a Battle Royale game

The company mentioned that the Creative Mode, which encourages players to work together, has opened the way towards the potential held by a fully-featured online world. In an approach, it is possible to say that Fortnite is a robust platform with more than 250 million users, with 100 million people being content creators. These numbers are quite impressive, and it is likely that they will continue to grow in the future.

While many fans love the game, there are also people who are firmly against the title. Many argue that Fortnite sports one of the most toxic communities, and while many multiplayer games are affected by obnoxious people a title which prides itself on being child-friendly can and should do more to prevent such issues.

Some say that Fortnite introduced one of the worst mechanics in competitive video games: weapon bloom. Weapon bloom means that the shots fired from a gun have a chance to miss the target even if you place the reticle on the hitbox. That has led to some issues since a lucky beginner can easily defeat even the most experienced players. It remains to be seen if Epic’s ambition will make the jump to reality.

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