Apex Legends 1.1 Update: Here Are the Patch Notes

The Apex Legends’ Update 1.1 is available now for PS4, PC and Xbox One. When it first made its appearance, there were some problems for players, because it reset some of the accounts’ progression. However, Respawn says that those issues have been fixed.

This update comes with life changes for the game. It should be easier to create better squads of those players you meet when you start the game. The game now has an option that allows players to invite members of their last squad back to their squad – for those who made your team better.

You can find this option in the Friends menu. There’s also a new mute button on the Legend select screen, and on PC, more options for reporting players for cheating.

There was also one change that was accidentally implemented: the one involving the leaving early penalty. They have been working on this, but they accidentally included it in the 1.1 updates from Wednesday. However, they disabled it, so you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

The patch notes

Bug fixes

They fixed the issue where the Battle Pass rewards page did not come with a default item selected, the thing that led to a blank page.  They also fixed the bug on X1 and PS4, where, if you tried to use a keyboard to chat, you’d get a script error. Now, the Banner Cards show up during and at the end of the match.

The quality of life

They added the ability to invite players from your last squad to play again with them. After the match, there will appear some buttons in the lobby that show the last two people you played with. You can invite them to your squad again. Also, they have solved the problems of cheaters: you can report them. There’s also a Mute button in the Legends selection.

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