Fortnite Brings Back The Infinity Blade In “Sword Fight” Game Mode

Before you get super enthused (or annoyed) about the Infinity Blade making a comeback, let’s ruin your fun (or make your day) and say that you won’t be able to enjoy this weapon for too long.

It was an overpowered sword that returned to Fortnite, but it is now what you would expect.

Infinity Blade Sword in Fortnite Once Again

Fortnite Season 7 received the mythic item once again, letting one single player pull the sword at Polar Peak so that it can have the upper hand on the battlefield. With the sword, players dealt a lot of damage to enemies and also got that health and speed boost among the utility feature (collecting materials very easy). It was during Winter Royale grand finals when the Infinity Blade was too overpowered, so Epic had to take it out.

The sword is back again, but it is a bit different. Players will only be able to wield it during Sword Fight, the limited time game mode. This mode will let players find various legendary and epic weapons, which can be used by multiple players at once. But the Infinity Blade has received some nerfs – players cannot gain materials while they use it, and the jumping ability is now weaker.

Epic did not say whether they will add the Infinity Blade outside the Sword Fight mode, but they did say that they were thinking of adding other mythic items in the game.

If you have been up to date with the hints about the next mythic item, Dexerto’s Calum Patterson spotted the eggs in Polar Peak, possibly hinting at an item that is related to dragons. However, there were no other hints in Season 8 about it, so we will search for more in the Season 9 and see if we really cracked the mystery.

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