Google+ Comes Back As Google Currents

Google+ may have been shut down, but Google continues to believe that the network had potential. The failed social network failed to compete with veterans like Facebook and Twitter, but it still has a chance to make a difference. Google has decided to revamp it with a focus on the enterprise sector and announced the reborn Google Currents service.

Google Currents aim to compete with the enterprise version of Facebook which is known under the name of Workplace and Yammer, which is offered by Microsoft. Some sources claim that the service won’t have a chance but only time with tell.

G Suite admins have the option to request access to the beta version of Google Currents. Since G Suite is limited to paying enterprise customers, it is likely that a free version will not be available. In a blog post, the tech company noted that Currents would provide a unique space for productive discussions and interactions, allowing everyone to follow the latest internal news and connect. Early reports suggest that it looks like Google+ with the only major differences being a new logo and an altered color scheme.

Google Currents is the new Google+

The new service is the second enterprise communication solution offered by Google, with the first one being Google Hangouts Chat. Sadly, Google Hangouts chat is intrinsically linked to Hangouts, a service which has lost its popularity. Both services will be integrated into G Suite which also features improved versions of other popular services like Gmail, Calendar, and Drive.

The now-defunct Google+ was Google’s answer to the growing popularity of Facebook. The social network was launched in 2011, and it was inserted in all the products offered by the company, including YouTube, Google Search, and Android. The feedback from the users was mostly negative, and after a while, it was extracted from other Google products. After a major data leak affected the service, Google decided to pull the plug. It remains to be seen if the service will manage to attract a solid user base.

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