Microsoft Executive Thinks Google Stadia Won’t Have Enough Content To Deal With Rival Services

A high-ranking Microsoft employee shared his opinions on Google Stadia and other cloud gaming initiatives, claiming that they do not have enough content to tackle the big industry rivals.

Mike Nichols, the chief marketing officer of the Xbox division, acknowledged that Stadia and other services have access to the appropriate infrastructure and a potential user community, but they cannot offer the best experience possible, in comparison to a local gaming solution.

This is not the first shot fired towards Google as Phill Spencer, who leads the Xbox division, may have said in the past that the reveal of Stadia didn’t bring anything new to the table.

Google Stadia might not have enough content to deal with rivals, a Microsoft executive thinks

Google showcased Stadia as the next evolution of gaming. The service will use the power of massive data centers spread all over the world to stream the greatest AAA videogames on compatible devices, including the popular Chromecast. The announcement was well-received by the public, and the company has also announced a proprietary controller and the creation of a first-party video games studio.

Google Stadia isn’t the first cloud gaming service to hit the market, but the fact that Google offers it will play a big role in the long run. Nvidia’s Geforce Now platform is still in the beta stage after a year, but it didn’t manage to attract the same attention as Stadia.

Many sources believe that Nvidia inspired other big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Sony to embrace the concept of cloud gaming. With a potential market of over 2 billion users ( Chrome users) the service could attract a massive audience, a feat which would put a lot of pressure on companies which continue to offer physical gaming solutions.

As Google Stadia is still in development, Google has plenty of time to make the service even better. Project Stream, the precursor of Stadia, showed that streaming a high-end title like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is possible. It remains to be seen if the service will manage to build a strong user base when it becomes available.

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