Battlefield: Bad Company 3 To Debut On Next-Gen Consoles

Battlefield: Bad Company is a first-person shooter series, developed by EA DICE for PS3, Xbox 360 consoles, and released on June 2008. Now, Battlefield: Bad Company 3 would debut on next-gen consoles, according to the latest information.

Bad Company was designed for consoles and full single-player campaign with characters. New features are added to the game like destructible environment and blowing houses or walls, vegetation, vehicles, other players or even the ground itself. The player will hold only one primary weapon; will have a secondary one, a combat knife, grenades, and other explosives and devices that you can pick-up.

Like most of the Battlefield games, the player will start with 100% health and can heal by using the LIFE-2 auto-injector.

What New Information We have Right Now on Battlefield: Bad Company 3?

The information is coming again from a post on Pastebin, the same source from last year, but now it has an anonymous poster and saying that it’s a third-party developer for the game.

It declares that Battlefield: Bad Company 3 will be one of the future games that will launch on the next-generation consoles, like Xbox Two and PlayStation 5. Moreover, the source stated that PS5 will launch in 2020 for $499, and will have 24 Gb GDDR6 and powered by the next-generation Zen 2 CPU and Navi GPU technology from AMD.

However, fans hadn’t forgotten DICE for the mess that they’ve done with Battlefield 1, and the controversy surrounding Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II. Unfortunately, Battlefield V wasn’t a much-played game in comparison to Apex Legends, owned by EA as well, and the fact that if you wanted to unlock everything in Star Wars Battlefront, it would cost you up to $2100.

Finally, if EA could make some better decisions and let DICE to be free with the game, Battlefield: Bad Company 3, could be a success in today’s market, especially if they will build the game for the new generations consoles with radical improvements.

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