PlayStation versus Xbox: The Next Gen Consoles Will Take The Battle To The Next Level

In the world of gaming PlayStation and Xbox can be considered two of the most important names. While there is a huge rivalry between these two, the PlayStation seems to have an advantage. Sony and Microsoft are currently preparing their next generation of consoles, and fans are excited to learn more about the successors of their favorite consoles.

The PlayStation 4 remains the most popular console of this generation, and it has a 58 per cent market share. Meanwhile, the Xbox One has 27 per cent and Nintendo Switch 15 per cent. It will be interesting to see if the order will remain the same one for the next generation of consoles.

Will Sony remain on top?

There is a lot of pressure on Sony, as fans have many expectations when it comes to the PlayStation 5, and it is very important not to disappoint them. Not many details are available about the PlayStatio 5 at the moment.

Of course, the next console is expected to come with several improved specs. Based on the reports and speculations we have read so far, we managed to shape an image of the upcoming PS5. The console is expected to have the 7nm Zen 2 eight-core CPU will be based on AMD Ryzen’s series.
The GPU is expected to be a Radeon Navi line variant and ray tracing should be supported. With the help of ray tracing games should look a lot more realistic, as this technique simulates the way light bounces off things.

We also know that the PlayStation 5 will come with an SSD. More than that, VR is expected to be one of the main selling points for the consoles. Sony could in fact release its second VR headset when the new console is released.

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