GTA 6 Microtransactions Will Most Likely Follow The GTA Online Model

The fact that Rockstar Games is creating a new Grand Theft Auto should come as no surprise. The franchise is a billion dollar steamroller and GTA V is the best-selling entertainment equity in history. Today, we’ll talk about GTA 6 microtransactions which will most likely follow the model implemented by GTA Online.

Trends in the game industry joined with successful business examples like the billion dollar microtransaction market and key investor incentive strategy, arm gamers, analysts and experts with the ability to predict how the industry will unveil. We can use these tools to predict how franchises like GTA will come together for monetization is a big segment of this anticipation.

A Rockstar Games artist resume reveals that GTA 6 will be happening, but we have no idea when and where the in-game action would take place. Not much is known about GTA 6 but based on Take-Two’s course, Rockstar’s drive towards live services, and internal company incentives​, it would most likely have a monetized online version, similar to GTA Online and Read Dead Online.

GTA 6 microtransactions to follow the model set by GTA Online

All of Take-Two Interactive’s biggest games have online versions with particular grind mechanics and spending circumstances, allowing gamers to buy in-game elements to save time. Users spend one of two things in live games: money, or time.

What makes companies like EA, Activision-Blizzard and even Take-Two acquire billions every year is the repeating action cycle which is constantly adding new content to online segments of games, completed with new avenues of spending. Although microtransactions seem to have flipped out for some companies like EA and Activision-Blizzard, Take-Two is not among them.

Microtransaction makes in general up to 48% of Take-Two’s total revenues per year, which says a lot considering that games like GTA V have sold 95 million copies. Take-Two made an approximately $300 million from its Q3 revenues, representing an enormous 95% year-over-year pin.

The GTA Online is the biggest cash maker, ranking over $1 billion in microtransactions since its launch. GTA 6 online version could have an exclusive cross-play opportunity with GTA online, something like blending the two games in a unique way. This would be extremely huge and launch both games via microtransaction earnings.

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