GTA 6 Release Date Revealed By Rockstar Employee – Is It Fake?

We’re all waiting for more information on the next Grand Theft Auto, and if Rockstar Games is silent about it, we must turn to GTAForums and other sources that offer unofficial updates. So, prepare for speculations and some sort of proof of the game being in development.

“Jr. Vehicle Artist at Rockstar Games”

Rockstar Games might be working at the moment at GTA VI, as suggested by a GTAForums user named Apollo Thunder. He shared a screenshot of a resumé that claims to belong to Bibin Michael, a former Rockstar India employee that was a “Jr. Vehicle Artist at Rockstar Games.”

In that resumé, it said that Michael worked between December 2017 and April 2018 at making “concept vehicles matching with real world for Gta 5 dlc and upcoming Gta6.”

To prove that the resumé was real, the user added that Michael also appeared in the credits for Red Dead Redemption 2, but there’s a catch. According to VG247, the name appears in the RDR2 thank you page, which is naming people who contributed to the game, but was not in the main dev team.

Michael’s LinkedIn page shows that he also worked for other games.

Meanwhile, the details from the resumé might also be fake, so many believe that the leaked resumé is actually a prank. PCGamesN mentioned that there was another similar “leaked” CV – the one with actor Tim Neff being involved in motion capture for GTA VI, which was a fake – he only worked on GTA V, not on GTA VI.

It looks that these supposed leaks are out there to tease and fool the gamers that are excited about the Grand Theft Auto VI. It is also worth noting that Michael’s resume did not mention if he still works with Rockstar India or not.

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