Minecraft With The Most Powerful Graphics Settings

The incredible confirmations and details released by Sony about their next PlayStation have mentioned high-performance video game hardware. To achieve high performance, you will need a ray tracing. If you are asking what ray tracing is, we could explain to you how it does works on Minecraft, by using a players’ username that cast a shadow.

How Does It Work?

The test was made by Digital Foundry on Minecraft, with the help of Alex Battaglia and John Linneman. Thanks to the fact that Minecraft is using the mod Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shadows, it has made room for some useful tests. So those tests were possible because the game is optimal for the real-time demands of ray tracing. The world from the game is made of blocks, and the objects are not moving, so this is making the calculation more straightforward in a binary mode.

Also, to have highly coveted rays of sunshine, indirect lighting, multiple reflections of light and colored surfaces imply that the load of the hardware is big and it has to carry to pull it off. Those rooms are built in an unusual way with reflections of all kind that mixes and changes when you bounce to another colored surface. Battaglia says that the show is like an architectural rendering.

On the other hand, Linneman says that in the game the light is functioning like in the real world and many games are faking this effect; however, this is being generated in real time. The hardware used for this kind of demonstration by the Digital Foundry is more powerful than the one found in an Xbox One X. Installing this path-tracing; the device is running at 720p locked to 30 frames per second. That means a lot of rendering is asked from the hardware.

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