Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Will They Announce the Release Date on E3 2019?

We have seen how the Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced at E3 2015. But it’s 2019, and it is possible that Square Enix will finally reveal the real release date. The original reveal took place some time back, and not much has changed ever since. Sometimes we even thought that the development of the game simply stopped – there was nothing new announced.

The director of the game, whose name is Tetsuya Nomura has worked really hard on the developing and then the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 – he is also working on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. However, with Kingdom Hearts 3 now done and released, he can start working full-time on the remake that he promised us.

Do we get an official release date soon?

This week, we got a series of announcements from Square Enix, and they might have shown that the game is on the right track. We might even get more footage and maybe an official release date, too.

The first big reveal will probably happen at E3 2019, where the gaming company might confirm the game. They made an announcement on Tuesday, the 23rd of April, in which they confirmed they would host a special broadcast” during the E3 week – probably to show all of their upcoming titles and their developments when it comes to their ongoing games.

The game was published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4. The game is a remake of the 1997 PlayStation game called Final Fantasy VII, and it basically retells the original story of the game – Cloud Strife and his group Avalanche fights against the megacorporation named Shinra and the Shinra soldier names Sephiroth.

The gameplay is said to be a real-time action one, that’s similar to Dissidia Final Fantasy. It will be released as a multipart series.

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