Clash Royale’s 1st League Season on Trophy Road Ends on May 6

The first League Season on Trophy Road is getting closer to the finish line, announced the Clash Royale team on their official website. What happens after it will be reset on May 6? Here’s what Clash Royale players should expect.

The Trophy Road Reset and Rewards

The Clash Royale team announced that players will have their progress reset, but will only affect players that are above 4000 Trophies:

At the end of each Season, League Trophies are reset to a certain point. You will be set to 50% of your Trophies ABOVE 4000.

We previously stated that this would be 75%, but after checking our data we realized that it would be better for players to remain on a 50% Trophy reset.

As for the rewards, all of the ones above 4000 Trophies will be redeemable as the new Season starts:

All Trophy Road rewards from 4000 to your new reset Trophy count will be available to collect as soon as the Season kicks off.

The rest of the Trophy Road rewards above 4000 will also reset – so keep climbing that Trophy Road!

And if you didn’t have time to collect the rewards during April, they will be automatically collected, wrote the Clash Royale team.

After checking out the data, and thanks to community feedback and some “internal discussions,” some Trophy Road rewards were changed:

There should also be some balance changes that will be posted on May 3, and we’ll cover them as soon as possible, so stay close! Meanwhile, check out some great questions and answers about the rewards on the official Reddit thread.

If you have problems with the app, you must take a look at the Clash Royale Update 2.7.4, which was released this week to solve some crash issues and bugs.

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