Epic to Buy the Developer of Rocket League, Psyonix. Will They Stop Selling the Game on Steam?

Epic Games has announced that it recently got the independent studio called Psyonix, which was the author of the very popular game called Rocket League. After the deal, Psyonix said that they would get access to more resources in order to support Rocket League’s competitive e-sports league. Also, by late 2019, they will meet Epic’s PC storefront.

What does that mean for the players?

So it seems that Rocket League would not be available for Valve’s competing Steam store anymore. However, buyers of the Steam version can still play their version and they will receive support – downloadable content, many patches and pretty much every future content.

Here’s what they said in the statement

They said that the PC version of the game would come to the store of Epic Games by the end of the year 2019. However, up until then, the game will continue to be available for purchase on Steam. It will also be supported on Steam for all those players who have already bought it.

The statement from Epic makes it clear that there are two periods of times: before the game comes to the Epic store – when you can buy it – and the time after that – when your copy will still work and will be playable.

They also have a plan for the future

However, the company has not announced that the game will just stop being sold on Steam. At least not yet. They plan on selling the game on Steam for those new purchasers, and they also have a plan for the long-run, that will be announced in the future.

The terms of the deal were not made public. We do not know for sure what Epic had to pay in order to get Psyonix.

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